EMALED® Pendant systems

What is Pendant systems?

Pendant systems are used for the supply of medical gases and electrical and data connections in the operating room. All supply lines are collected on one interface plate located on the ceiling. The fixing on the ceiling is similar to the surgical lights, however, understandably, with larger dowels and more massive ceiling discs. As, on suspended ceilings, the interface plate sits directly above the dropped ceiling, intermediate frames are often used.

Pendant systems are used in different areas of a hospital:

  • In operations, as anaesthetics or surgery pendant system
  • In endoscopy
  • At intensive care units

Pendant system help prevent cables and tubes lying around on the floor of the operation theatre and thus prevent accidents and facilitate the cleaning of the operation rooms after surgery.

We offer two possibilities for configuration of our pendant systems:

1. Standard variant

Standard variant are based on a height of the raw ceiling of up to 4000 mm and a false ceiling of approx. 3000 mm.

The built-in components of the pendants are available in the 3 standards:

Changes to the configuration are only possible in a limited range.

2. According to customer requirements

The customer-oriented planning of pendant systems enables the implementation of all customer requirements, provided they comply with national regulations.

It is possible to use payloads of up to 1000 kg and lift weights of up to 250 kg with a motor arm.

Gas outlets and sockets are available in all international standards.