Surgical light EMALED® 300 W

For wall mounting in operation and treatment rooms

By means of its flexible wall bracket, this surgical light ensures comfortable movement and can easily be brought into any desired position.

Features and characteristics:

  • Easy movement and secure fixation of the luminaire body
  • Perfect illumination of the operation area
  • Natural colour rendition
  • High-contrast and detailed wound display
  • 4-stage focus
  • 10-stage brightness regulation
  • Long life of the light-emitting diodes
  • Barely noticeable warming of the light
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Minimum energy consumption

Technical data EMALED® 300 W


  EMALED 300 W  
Maximum illumination of the operation area 100.000 lx  
Colour temperature 4.500 K  
Colour rendition index 96 Ra  
Exposure performance 24 VA  
Life of the light sources 50,000 h  

Datasheet EMALED 300 W