Our surgical and examination lights are the result of the close cooperation between our engineers and operators and continue to evolve. Our medical lights deliver bright, high-contrast and homogeneous light and can be set in a comfortable and easy manner. Perfect handling with optimum illumination.

Advantages of EMALED® surgical lights

Advantages of our surgical lights:

  • High-contrast light
  • Very suitable for use with Laminar Flow functional ceilings
  • Thanks to our reflexion technology, our surgical lights require up to 50% fewer lamps than comparable products
  • Optimum emergency power supply: Our surgical lights can optionally be equipped with an uninterruptible emergency power supply. Even in the case of a blackout, the surgery can be completed without difficulty.
  • Easy handling: the surgical lights can be moved very easily and comfortably.
  • No movable parts in the luminaire body.
  • EMALED surgical lights can optionally be operated by remote control. 

Thanks to our technologies, our medical lights are very economically efficient and they produce perfect light during surgery and examination.

EMA-reflexion technology in surgical lights

Our innovative reflexion technology optimises the usage of the light energy of the individual light-emitting diodes.

Special reflectors ensure best usage of the LED light energy:

  • 95% of the light strength of the light-emitting diodes are used
  • Due to the reflectors, the desired brightness can be achieved with substantially fewer light-emitting diodes. EMALED uses, in part, up to 50% fewer LEDs than comparable products with equal performance!
  • Through optimum light output, EMALED surgical lights consume extremely little energy.
  • A lower number of light-emitting diodes ensures an even lower warming and longer durability with extremely low maintenance costs.
  • A lateral view to the bottom of the light helps to avoid, through usage of the reflectors, a glare for the user.

Laminar Flow

In many modern surgical rooms, the Laminar Flow ceilings, known from clean room technology, are used. Germ-free air streams through the ceiling and spreads through the room. A low-turbulence airstream ensures the distribution of the filtered air which is brought into the room. Our surgical lights are designed so that the germ-free air can also stream into the area below the luminaire body - without becoming warm. Passageways in the centre of the surgical light, as well as the external form with deep cuts for optimum air circulation, are also part of this development.

Sterile air in the operation area

Due to the EMA-reflexion technology, our surgical lights are equipped with a comparably low number of light-emitting diodes - without compromise of the light output. This ensures lower warming and also low energy needs.

The air remains cool, germ-free and flows around the luminaire body in the best possible manner thanks to the special design of the surgical lights.

  • Low total area of the luminaire body
  • Air passages in the centre of the surgical light
  • The subdivision of the light-emitting diodes into segments enables generous recesses on the edge of the luminaire body.