Video camera and screens

Video camera

For our surgical lights of the EMALED 500 and EMALED 560 series, we additionally offer video systems with medical screens.

With the camera integrated centrally in the luminaire body, the operation area is always on the camera display. The camera is set by means of a remote control.

The video signal of the camera is transmitted by means of a Wi-Fi system, in HD quality, to a video recording system, a monitor (in the surgical area) or a larger screen outside of the operation room, e.g. for training purposes.


The Full-HD screens (available from 19 to 47 inch) are specially manufactured for medical usage and can display surgeries, due to cutting-edge technology, with optimum sharpness and colour rendition.

It will be our pleasure to find solutions for signal transmissions specially tailored to your needs. It is possible for us, among other things, to transmit the surgeries via signal on a training screen in a separate room.