Examination lights

Our EMALED 200 series is specially designed for examination and treatment rooms. The examination lights can be positioned easily and offer excellent, high-contrast light with low energy consumption.

The examination lights of the 200 series can be ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted or come in the form of standard lamps with rollers.

Shadow-free illumination and good colour rendition

7 With their high illumination strength of 50,000 lux and the light field of 140 mm, LEDs make a shadow-free illumination of the working area possible. The good colour rendition index of the “cold” LED light of 95 Ra and the sunlight-near spectrum of 4,500 K ensure a high-contrast and thus detailed wound display. Finest colour gradations become visible on the tissue.

Economic efficiency also in treatment rooms

The low energy consumption of the examination light of only 10–15 W, as well as the long LED life of minimum 50,000 hours ensure low operating costs. The low service cost and long life ensure the safe operation and low maintenance costs of our examination lights.